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My First Animation, My First Film Festival

Sarah explains how she made her first animation and how it's going to be screened at Nenagh Children's Film Festival as a part of Cruinniú na nÓg.

The Space Adventure was originally intended to be viewed by the children in Crumlin Hospital. It was an initiative that most of my school undertook when we were attending school online school to help entertain those who were confined to the hospital. It was part of our well-being class, so it was no doubt a way to entertain us as well, and to challenge us to think creatively. And it did! I decided I wanted my video to be an animation.

I don’t think I had much of a process while making The Space Adventure. If I did, it changed as I progressed and learned more about how to use FlipaClip, which is the app I used to make the animation. It’s a very good one, the best I found, and had everything I needed and more. I would definitely recommend FlipaClip to anyone who’s interested!

I had no experience with animation prior to this, but really enjoyed making The Space Adventure. It forced me to be imaginative and I was pleased with the product of my imagination. My teacher was too. She showed my animation to the class and a month later, she encouraged me to join in with the Nenagh Children’s Film Festival.

I was surprised (and pleased!) that my first animation was praised to this extent. I love art, but usually don’t draw cartoons so this was out of my comfort zone. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and will be sure to make another animation to beat my summer boredom 🙂

— Sarah, 14

Nenagh Children’s Film Festival is run by Nenagh Arts Centre as part of Cruinniú na nÓg this year. They have a wide programme of events kicking off on Friday 11th June at 11am and running right through to Sunday evening. You can join in on animation and claymation workshops, learn how to make props, of how costume designers work. You can also watch a load of films submitted by budding young filmmakers like Sarah throughout the weekend.



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