Arts Office in Collaboration with VISUAL

Old Dublin Road
Carlow Town
Co. Carlow
R93 A3K1
Free Event
Arts Project
Visual Art
Target Audience
General public

The work of Marjetica Potrĉ looks to find democratic solutions for individuals living together. It questions private, public, social and shared space, and how shared knowledge and local and community-building initiatives can serve as symbolic processes for remaking the culture of living.

Potrĉ’s main gallery installation involves a new architectural case study which considers open and closed society; a hybrid house where various ways of living are referenced. This sculptural object should prompt questions relating to how we live in the world, where we find shelter and how we coexist alongside one another. The project also features a series of four large-scale wall drawings which the public can interact with and add to.

The additions are in the form of made objects, created through workshops in the gallery as well as ideas and slogans printed and created through workshops and symbolic objects placed by individual groups. The intention is to invite groups on their own terms and to share their reasons for gathering together with the exhibition.