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5th Oct 2023
to 1st Mar 2024

Age Range
All ages

Ballyloughnane Beach


Ballyloughane Beach Conservation Grazing Pilot Project

Galway City Council is creating opportunities to implement conservation grazing on suitable sites in our green spaces. While the cattle themselves, Dexter cattle, a native Irish breed, have heritage value and raise awareness of where food comes from. They also provide important eco-system services, by supporting biodiversity, and offering opportunities for engagement and learning about our local environment.

On the headland at Ballyloughane Beach, we propose to introduce eight Dexter Cattle (a small breed hardy animal and because of their size they are not severe on land and are used for conservation grazing). The animals will graze the paddocks over winter and early spring. Species diversity within the paddocks will be recorded to assess the effectiveness of the project in establishing a wildflower meadow.

The project will: 

  1. Cut down on grass waste which currently ends up in landfill due to lack of alternative or suitable sustainable waste management streams.
  2. Reduce the nutrient richness of the grassland to encourage native wildflower meadow species.
  3. Develop cultural heritage interest in native livestock species and educational benefits of farming methods in an urban environment. 
  4. Showcase the construction and operation of traditional rainwater collection tanks
  5. Consult with the local community and encourage them to ‘take ownership’ of the cows.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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