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1st Jun 2020
to 31st Mar 2021

Age Range

Borris Focus Centre

Borris Focus Centre
Borris Library

Borris Lace in schools Project

Borris Lace in Schools Project - revival and collaboration, will work to introduce awareness and appreciation of Borris Lace to students of Borris NS.
Since the formation of Borris Lace makers in 2016, the group have been dedicated to the revival of this unique and distinctive Borris Lace style, which is an intrinsic part of the history and heritage of Borris.

The Boris Lace in Schools Project is a continuation of this revival and collaboration in our community. The project aims include, fostering of creativity, well-being and empowerment of the young people of our community and giving them a sense of pride in their local heritage ensuring that the Borris Lace tradition lives on into the future of this rural South Carlow village.

Borris Lace makers believe that it is essential for the revival of the craft that knowledge of its heritage, design and skills are passed on to future generations. Developing a school programme would be fundamental to this aim. It is our vision that the study of Borris Lace would become an integral part of the History and Visual Art curriculum in Borris NS and to extend the programme to other schools in the area long term.

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