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1st Mar 2024
to 31st Dec 2024

Age Range

C15 A279

Ceann Scríbe Baile Ghib

The bi-lingual book Ceann Scríbe Baile Ghib (Destination Gibbstown) features the stories of 59 families from the western counties of Cork, Kerry, Donegal and Mayo who received land in 1937 under the Land Commission when the Gerrard Estate in Gibbstown in Co. Meath was divided up into 22 acre farms. It features the stories of families from the counties mentioned as recounted by family members themselves. It gives an insight into the emotions their ancestors experienced, the heartache of bidding farewell to relatives and friends they had to leave behind; and also features the stories of those families who didn’t settle for one reason or another and returned to their old homesteads.

Intensive research was involved in putting this book together such as trawling through parish and civil records of the counties mentioned, seeking out old newspaper articles and photographs; and through this work this book came to life. 

2024 will be an exciting year for this body of work as it will be launched in March in Gibbstown. The book will also be launched in the counties Cork, Kerry, Donegal and Mayo where the people who settled in Gibbstown in the 1930’s came from; and also in the Cultúrlann centres in Armagh and Belfast. It will be available in bookshops in County Meath as well as to purchasers from abroad.

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