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1st Nov 2020
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
All ages

Georgian Newtown Pery

Newtown Pery

Liveable Limerick, European (Lane)Way installation / “Europortal”

Creation and installation of a digital "Europortal" in an existing doorway in the laneways of Georgian Newtown Pery. This portal will connect with the other Irish regional cities and is part of a larger vision for regeneration of the quarter under the theme of Belonging (European Expo).

The europortal media experience is an early step in a wider project, the European-way laneway rejuvenation, in Newtown Pery which looks at the enormous potential for upgrading and rethinking the existing laneways in the Limerick inner city fabric. They envision a shared surface approach, with low speed restrictions to begin with, encouraging pedestrian and cycle connections. Improvements to the urban realm, such as new cobblestone surfacing, lighting, planting and seating, all will improve the safety and attractiveness of the area.

The laneway can then act as a hub for art, digital and other installations, acting almost like an external art gallery – an art “lanery”.

The concept for this part of the project is the creation of one such digital art exhibition - a digital “portal” in an existing doorway on the laneway. This portal would be "twinned" with similar portals in Cork, Waterford, and Galway. A digital screen is connected with a live feed to the other portals, allowing a two-way Skype-like experience in real time.

The future vision would be for the portal/portals to have twins in other European cities, and it would then switch between locations, spending a minute at each.

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