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10th Jul 2021
to 18th Sep 2021

Age Range
13 - 17

Nature's Secret Circus Camp

Nature'sSecret Circus Camp is two weekends of circus ecology activities for young people on Achill Island using circus to interpret, understand and be enthused about the natural environment. Each weekend will involve up to 50 young people, ie 100 in total. Young people will be guided by a geologist and circus tutors to create acrobat shapes and movements in response to the landscapes of Achill. One event will be on Saturday July 10th and the other will be on September 18th. They are open to everyone to apply.

These weekends will result in:

1. Making a 25-minute film Nature’s Secret Circus with two circus performers and six local children.

Circus performers Maria Corcoran and Aoife Raleigh will perform short acts in response to the natural environment of Achill, revealing nature’s hidden patterns and shapes. They will arch over streams like a branch, spin hoops like grasses swirl in the wind, balance precariously on each other like rocks.

2. Making  10-minute workshop film Your Secret Circus, a captioned workshop film, to accompany main film, demonstrating how to make simple landscape-inspired acrobatic shapes to recreate outdoors.

3. Createing a downloadable pdf resource pointing to the patterns, shapes and contours to look out for in the landscape.

All the films will be loaded on our Facebook page @Circus250 and website.

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.


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