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1st Sep 2020
to 31st Mar 2021

Age Range

Creative Spark

Clontygora Drive
A91 HF77

The Big Song Project

The Big Song Project gathers a community of singers at Creative Spark, our local centre for creativity and innovation in Dundalk, to sing a selection of our most-loved big songs from the 1980s to the present and even come up with some of our own!

The aim of the project is to create a space where singers can experience the heart-opening quality of singing a well-known love song or anthem from popular tradition in the company of others, set in simple and easy-to-learn arrangements and taught by ear.

With minimal instrumentation, singers will learn to create accompaniments with their own voices, and have an opportunity to enjoy the wider range of vocal sounds possible in creating music than through singing melodies alone.

The singing sessions are facilitated on a fortnightly basis by Ali Warner, and include a monthly collaboration with singer, songwriter and musician, Sophie Coyle. A longer-term aim of the project is to open up a space where singers can explore sounds and phrases that express their feelings in a more direct and personal way through the medium of improvised song.

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