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Weighing Brownshill Dolmen

2nd Mar 2020
to 1st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

Carlow Historical amd Archaeological Society

"Weighing Brownshill Dolmen", plans to build a digital 3D model of the Brownshill Dolmen using photogrammetry, carry out an experiment on samples of the same geology as the capstone and bring the two together to get the most scientifically accurate weight for the Dolmen's capstone to date.
This project is linked to the Creative Ireland Carlow Programme in that it will work to connect people, places and ideas, as this project is interdisciplinary, linking archaeologists, geophysicists, geologists, photographers, digital media users, 2nd level students and teachers in a collaborative approach to our local heritage. "Weighing Brownshill Dolmen" focuses on arguably the most iconic archaeological site in Carlow. This project will celebrate what makes the site so special - the enormous Cap Stone - and generate new detailed information for both native Carlovians as well as visitors to our County who come to experience its cultural and heritage sites.
The project findings will be published in the journal of the Carlow Historical and Archaeological Society, Carloviana, as well as other publications such as Archaeology Ireland, while the digital 3D model will be presented to Carlow Count Museum to promote awareness of the important site. Collaboration with 2nd level students will help to cultivate interest in local heritage while also including scientific and mathematical studies in a practical and engaging way.

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