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15th Sep 2022
to 29th Sep 2022

Age Range
All ages

Donegal Castle

Castle Street

Cloch 돌 Stone – A cultural exchange between Ireland and Jeju Island, South Korea

“Cloch Stone”  - A cultural evening of performance art and storytelling.

This event is part of the Irish Korean Stone Culture Art Exchange: a unique collaboration between two islands situated a world apart: the Island of Ireland and Jeju Island of South Korea.

On 25th September we extend a warm welcome to delegates from the Dolbitna School of Art, Jeju Island, Korea with an evening of cultural celebration: song, performance, dance and storytelling in the historic setting of Donegal Castle.

You are invited to join Korean and Irish artists in an evening of friendship which entertains and enriches an understanding of the common bonds which exist between two island peoples.

Jeju Island is a beautiful oval shaped volcanic island of the Korean Peninsula similar in size to county Sligo, and is acclaimed as a natural heritage center. Ireland shares many cultural similarities with Jeju Island including a landscape of dry stone walls and a culture of stone burial monuments known as Dolmens dating as far back to Megalithic times. 

“Cloch Stone” celebrates both communities through the universal language of traditional stone craft, heritage, art and cultural identity. Stone is the dominant material for construction and a major influencer for artists and writers. The project translates and captures the power of stone in a way that everyone can relate to.

Overall project is 2022-2027.

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