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Creative Youth
Evaluation Guidelines

The information below was prepared to accompany and supplement the Creative Youth Evaluation Guidelines document, available here. The guidelines are a tool for those working with children and young people on arts, creative and cultural engagement and aim to support the process of evaluating cultural and creative projects and programmes. While the Creative Youth Evaluation Guidelines document is designed for practical use, further information and resources are available below.

In addition, those delivering Creative Youth projects and programmes will be requested to complete a pre project evaluation form and a post project evaluation form. The evaluation forms were created in order to capture data such as location, type of creative activity and sociodemographic information across the Creative Youth Plan. However, organisations, individuals, teachers, artists and youth workers have the liberty to decide when the collection of certain data is appropriate or not within their specific setting. The list of questions on each online form is available here:

To assist with completing these forms, here are some video resources that will take you through the questions:

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