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An Táin Festival - A Celebration of Warrior Women

An Táin Festival is an annual festival dedicated to the celebration of Ireland's Warrior Woman, Queen Medbh of the ancient Irish epic 'An Táin Bó Cúaligne', as well as other women in myth, legend and contemporary society.

Medbh's story is set in a rural, tribal and pagan Ireland around the time of Christ. There are however, many interesting stories of Queens, Goddesses, Druids and women with great power both here in Ireland and around the world. An Táin Festival seeks to share their unique stories while also celebrating modern women warriors, heroines who fight to protect the environment and those who claim it as home.

To celebrate An Táin Festival in Longford town, a variety of cultural activities will take place over the course of the weekend. These events include art, craft, music, singing, storytelling, drumming, literary activities, costume-making and environmental events.

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