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6th Jun 2022
to 31st Oct 2022

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Audit of Oral Heritage Collections in Westmeath

Over many decades in Westmeath, precious memories of times gone by have been recorded by groups and individuals in an effort to document what are often fading memories of our past.

Now, Westmeath County Council, with funding from Creative Ireland, are undertaking a major audit of these collections, to compile a list for the first time of what has been recorded in the county.

According to Dr Tomás Mac Conmara, of Mac Conmara Heritage Consulting, who has been appointed to lead the audit, the project will help encourage the people of the county to engage with their own heritage.

He explained that the project is not seeking to physically take collections, but instead is aimed at compiling information about the collections, like their current location, format, content etc.

Most importantly, however, the audit will also focus on private collections and the work of various community groups and heritage organizations, who according to Westmeath Heritage Officer, Melanie McQuade, have been the most active in recording our heritage.

The successful completion of the audit is sure to be a significant resource for historians, scholars, the education system and the general public.

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