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1st Nov 2023
to 1st Feb 2024

Age Range
All ages

Cartlann na nDaoine (The People's Archive)

The North Wexford Traditional Singing Circle will involve the wider community in an intergenerational exploration of living and evolving local song traditions. Through an open call, singers, song makers and storytellers will be consulted to reveal the current creative expressions of vocal music that are rooted in local heritage. All conversations and contributions will be filmed, and a series of bi-lingual documentaries called Cartlann na nDaoine (The People’s Archive) will be created. Cartlann na nDaoine will be shared with the community via the North Wexford Traditional Singing Circle website. A selection of the Cartlann na nDaoine interviews will be screened at Gorey School of Art. The event will include live performances and participatory discussions. 

This placemaking project highlights the modern use of the Irish language through Wexford’s music traditions. It connects an important part of North Wexford’s heritage to the present day, demonstrating how local identity and creativity is passed down and evolves through generations. Contributing to a wider sense of community wellbeing, this project promotes kinship and pride by highlighting the uniqueness of North Wexford’s cultural character. It opens opportunities for future generations to meaningfully engage with the local culture, and in turn fulfil their creative potential.

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