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3rd Feb 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

Community Choral Activation: Mouthful UK Residency

Wicklow County Council's Community Choral Activation Programme is linked to it's strategic plan for Creative Communities.  The project is designed to involve people of all ages, all communities in all areas of the county to participate in choral singing whether they wish to do so for fun, for movement and social intergration or as they have a deep appreciation for music.

The Programme for 2020 until 2022 will have the resident group the Mouthful Way from the UK work with communities of all types in the county.  From choirs to hospitals, schools, children with complex needs, outdoor workshops, direct provision and public performances, the group will travel all over the county.  They will do song writing, singing and performance work with these groups.  Mouthful have worked in community contexts all over the world from Luxembourg to Brazil and are extensively experienced at high quality community collaboration and participation.

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