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31st Dec 2018
to 30th Apr 2019

Age Range
All ages



Development of Fernhill Community Garden

Installation of fencing around the community garden in Fernhill Park and Gardens

Community Gardens provide communal areas for people to garden together and share the produce that’s grown between them. They have many benefits, including allowing residents greater access to nutritious food and strengthening community ties, creating a more sustainable system and improving the health and fitness of the gardeners.
Members of community gardens can obtain increased mental well-being associated with 
In 2018, Fernhill Community Garden commenced work within what was the Kitchen garden of Fernhill House, Stepaside. 

Rather than enclose the Community Garden with a wall, it was decided to intall Deer Railings along the open boundaries, to provide a sense of enclosure and security for the garden while allowing the garden to be on show to the public at the same time.

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