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3rd May 2024

Age Range

Ionad Lachtain,

St. Lachtain's Church,
Arts and Heritage Centre,
R95 XA31

Feile Lachtain 2024 Eimear Burke, Druid, Seanchai & Poet ; Druidry, It's Relevance Now

Unveil the Mysteries of Druidry! 

Join us for an extraordinary encounter with Eimear Burke, a captivating blend of Druid, Seanchai, and Poet. Together, we’ll delve into the very essence of Druidry—its relevance echoing through time and space.

What Is Druidry? As diverse as the stars above, Druidry defies definition. Each Druid weaves their own tapestry of meaning, shifting and evolving with the seasons. But fear not! For those who crave a factual voyage through Druid history, the OBOD website awaits—a treasure trove spanning ancient Druids, the 1700s revival, and the vibrant neopagan Druidry of today.  

Dual Vision, Infinite Wisdom  Druids don’t merely tread on earthly soil; they dance between realms. With one eye on the tangible world and the other on ethereal spirits, they bridge the sacred and the secular. Humans, animals, trees, rivers—their stories intertwine, harmonizing with moonlit mysteries and star-studded secrets.

 Step into the Circle  Are you ready to embrace the whispers of ancient oaks and the cosmic hum of constellations? Join us as participants in this grand symphony of existence. Let’s honor the mundane and the magical, for in Druidry, every leaf holds a spell, every stone a memory, and every heart a universe.

Eimear Burke awaits your presence. The veil between worlds grows thin—will you step through?

Leave your backpacks and gadgets behind—this journey requires nothing but an open heart and a curious spirit. 

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