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1st Nov 2021
to 18th Dec 2021

Age Range
13 - 17

Film screening of 'Deliver' with discussion for secondary schools

Deliver by Leah Moore is a short documentary which looks at the perception and reality of being a young mother in Ireland today. Moore explores the stories and testimonies of these young mothers with the hope of applying a different perspective to the stigmas attached to being a young mother in Ireland and amplifying their powerful voices.

Moore focuses on two young women who became mothers in their teenage years, while taking a stylised exploration of women’s experiences throughout previous decades. Marrying contemporary documentary style with a general documentary style, Deliver is equally heart warming and eye opening.

Rachel O’Connor and Lauren Byrne feature as two incredible, strong women with a whole lot of story to tell. Applying a rural and urban point of view we take a wonderful dive into the lives of these women and offer a space for them to tell their story.

Leah, Rachel and Lauren will tour the short 18 minute film to secondary schools around Clare in November 2021, and facilitate a series of open discussions in the classrooms following the screening to share insights, stories and viewpoints about the themes the film explores.

View film here:

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