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25th Sep 2023
to 10th Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

Fingal United-Art community workshop

Art Fingal United project creating one united piece of art, and a symbol of connectivity. The purpose of this project is to connect communities, families, different cultures, nationalities, religions, and all genders in Fingal area through the joy and creativity. In a form of a workshop we will invite 200 people (25 person every 2h workshop - 8 workshops in total) to participate in a group art project, where each person (any age) would create one tile (canvas 15cm x 15cm) in specific range of colours. All 256 tiles combined will applied on a large-scale background plywood (250cmx250cm). All united pieces will portrait, in the shape of Fingal County, picture of a rainbow (unity, peace and lgbtqia+) with green colours representing the emerald island. Every participant will be able to paint one tile in specific colour, depending on the location of the large-scale background. There is no theme of each tile, the importance is just to use designated range of colours. The project will be advertised via social media and local WhatsApp groups. Finished project will be covered with artistic resin to highlight and protect all the artwork. Preferably, the finished work, should be displayed in a local shopping centre for everyone to see.

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