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1st Sep 2023
to 31st Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

Geevagh Creativity Hub

This is a workshop aimed at women of all ages who have no experience with hands on making an object. They will be introduced to simple household tools like hand saw, hammer and chisel. The workshop aims at breaking down the myth that they cannot master this kind of work. Confidence will be built by creating a small piece of furniture in the form of a milking stool. It will be unique to those who produce something with their own personal stamp, tangible object that can be used and displayed in the home.

Crafting the stool by hand incorporates and connects the experience of independency from costly machines and allows conversation between participants. This will be an environmentally friendly project. It will be a piece of work that comes from the hand and the heart.

The workshops will be led by local artist Eileen McDonagh who has created different Christmas scenes in the village of Geevagh. Its not about creating 10/12 identical objects but allowing for individual creativity to take place.

We hope this workshop will be a start to more classes in upcycling and mending as well as using the space of the Mens Shed for other creative projects. We do hope to move onto projects involving work in stone and sculpture, the area of expertise of our mentor Eileen. We would like to sow the seeds of this Community Shed becoming a Creative hub for the greater Geevagh/Highwood/Lough Arrow area.

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