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1st Jul 2022
to 31st Dec 2022

Age Range
All ages

Greenore Co-Operative

22 Euston Street
A91 FN22

“Greetings from Greenore” – Greenore Architectural Art Project

The project will celebrate the rich architectural heritage of Greenore for the residents and visitors who know and love the village and to promote the village to new visitors. Greenore is one of the most interesting rural villages in Co Louth and is an important part of our heritage. It is almost unique as a settlement that was planned and built in a short space of time in the early 1870s by a single entity, the London and North-Western Railway. The port provided a railway station, passenger hotel and ferry route to England.

This project will strive to commemorate the lost architectural heritage of previously demolished buildings. Almost all of the railway station has been demolished in 2006 and the Railway Hotel. The beautiful stone harbour wall was covered over and partly destroyed and the little tin church was recently demolished. The lifeboat-house at the Coastguard station is now under threat while the attractive, curving stone garden wall opposite has been demolished. 

A series of prints will be commissioned where the artist will draw the buildings and streetscapes of Greenore to highlight and celebrate the rich architectural detailing of the Victorian architecture, a famous trademark of the railway company and of the time. There will be an exhibition of the digital prints in the Assembly Room upstairs in the Greenore Co-Op and/or the Café at the Schoolhouse. Details of the exhibition to follow at a later date. 

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