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16th Jul 2023
to 10th Oct 2023

Age Range
All ages

HomeStory Map - Bayside Community Centre

Bayside Community Centre  engages with a wide variety of community groups of all ages and interests.  The HomeStory Map project will reach out to these groups to look for participants in this pilot initiative, produced by centre manager Tracy Martin and directed by Artist in Residence Karen Lee. 

The HomeStory Map seeks to unearth the stories of the heartland of our surrounding areas; the schools, churches, shopping centres, carparks, Dart station and parks of this much loved and vibrant area. We aim to search out anecdotes and recent 'folklore' tales, shared aurally with us from Bayside's inhabitants. Over six story telling workshops, throughout July and August, led by drama facilitator David Kelly, participants will have fun engaging in drama games, voice workshops, public speaking training and story creating, while being encouraged to think of stories of the area.  Karen will choose ten stories about Bayside that participants will have talked about in the workshops. Through ten recording sessions, she will interview and record the participants voicing these stories. Each of these recordings will be transferred onto a QR generator package and the QR images will be printed and positioned in various places around Bayside. A 'map' will then be created and the public can follow this map to find these QR codes.  Using a simple app on their phones, people can scan each of the codes and listen to the stories using their smart phones.

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