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30th Jun 2023
to 30th Sep 2023

Age Range

Irish Mist Liqueur: A story of innovation in quality and design

Irish Mist Liqueur was made in Tullamore from 1947 to 1985. During that period it became a world leader and was exported to over 100 countries. Great ideas and design were used to bring this about. Marketeers and design people for the Irish Mist product from Le Brocquy to the staff member on the floor – all had a role in ensuring quality.

This is the story of creativity in bringing the product to market and keeping it up there. Using the legacies of the 1950s and the 1960s the aim is to showcase the development of a world stage product grown in Tullamore.

Good design was used to develop world sales the publication and the social media output will illustrate this story unique to Tullamore. 

Offaly History are on an excursion to find out what made Irish Mist such a prestigious product that was distributed worldwide and using the best designs for packaging. It all started in Tullamore in 1947 so if you can help fill in the gaps Offaly History wants to hear from people with memories.

They want to record it in book form and hear from people who can give first-hand accounts. You might have a story to tell and you may have pictures. The work on the project has now started so get in early with your contribution of a memory or a picture.

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