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1st Apr 2024
to 10th Oct 2024

Age Range

Kilkenny County Council Kilkenny Arts Office,

Patrick’s Court,
R95 N28F

Message in a Bottle

Kilkenny Retirement homes to embark on a Melodic Journey of Wellbeing and Connection 

Our program is a heartfelt ode to health and wellbeing, crafted with the wisdom of key partners to ensure accessibility and enjoyment for our cherished older audiences. We believe in a gentle pace and the power of reflection, providing ample time for meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

Musical Encounters Across:

  • Five Unique Venues: Each county will host the concerts in five distinct settings.
  • Four Enchanting Visits: Every venue will be graced with four visits, weaving a tapestry of melody and memory over the project’s span.
A Collaborative Chronicle: In partnership with our neighboring county of Wexford—Kilkenny, we’re hope to capture the essence of these gatherings. Our goal is to collect a mosaic of reactions, melodies, and heartfelt engagement, creating a visual anthology that deepens our communal bonds and inspires future celebrations.

Stellar Lineup of Talent: Each performance will feature a trio of exceptional artists, including a pianist, a cellist or violinist, and a renowned soloist, to stir the soul and lift the spirits.

Spotlight on Proposed Artists:

  • Soloists: Mary Coughlan, Niamh Kavanagh, Sandra Oman, Jerry Fish, Anthony Kearns, Simon Morgan, Prof Luke O’Neill, Sibeal, Celine Byrne (subject to availability).
  • String Virtuosos: Gerald Peregrine (cello) or Lynda O’Connor (violin).
  • Accompanists: Vincent Lynch (piano), Dermot Dunne (accordion)

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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