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1st Jun 2022
to 30th Sep 2022

Age Range
All ages

Open Call 2022 - Soundtrack to Life

Soundtrack to Life

Background: This project Soundtrack to Life came about from a recent chat with some housing residents in Nazareth Village where they expressed keenness in seeing some of their life photographs put together to form a large-scale slideshow.

During the pandemic, residents had lost touch with their lives. It seemed as if the things that mattered to them had become very distant. They now mused on working with someone who could perhaps touch up really old photographs from each residents life in order to freshen up the memories attached to those photos. From there, we chatted around the possibilities of putting these unique and personalised slideshows to music in order to create a visual biography for each resident. We felt that even including a short video as part of each persons slide show might add a bit more interest, individuality and insight to the presentations. This video could perhaps be part interview with the resident or maybe a short recording of one of their favourite Sligo/other haunts.  We felt that it might be a quality addition if we invited in a professional musician and perhaps some music volunteers to collaborate with each resident on what music they would like as their own individual background.

 These live music sessions, recordings and collaborative discussions could also form part of an overall slideshow/event for everyones enjoyment.  

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