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Ríocht na Mídhe

1st Apr 2020
to 31st Dec 2020

Age Range
All ages

The Meath Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS) was first formed in 1937. The object of the society, then as now, was to preserve, examine, publish and illustrate the antiquities, records and traditions connected with the area. Their field of work was the ancient kingdom of Meath, which roughly corresponds now to the area covered by the modern Roman Catholic Diocese of Meath.

The society lapsed for a time during the years of the Second World War when paper and petrol shortages made it impossible to travel, correspond and publish. The society reformed then and began to publish its annual journal; Ríocht na Midhe, in 1955. Records of Meath Archaeological and Historical Society, or Ríocht na Midhe, edited by Peter Connell, covers much historic ground as well as book reviews, obituaries and details of events. Riocht na Midhe maintains a high standard, both in content and variety, and all contributed by an array of scholars that should be the envy of other county historical societies. The articles, which range in subject from prehistory to modern times, augment the vast store of local lore which this journal has presented since its inception in 1955.

The society now wish to digitise the entire collection (1955-2020) and make it available to as wide an audience as possible. The society will project manage the digitisation process. The project group will be advised by the culture team, with particular input from the heritage officer and the local studies librarian.

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