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1st Jun 2020
to 30th Sep 2020

Age Range

Dunree Hill

2 St Eigneys Terrace


Survey of Dunree Hill and Environs.

West Inishowen History & Heritage Society has investigated Dunree headland area using mostly local oral tradition and old survey maps. There is also national monuments in the area(numbered). Dunree-Dunrioga/The royal fort and a monastic site are situated on the headland but due to centuries of blown sand from the adjacent beaches all archaeological features have become covered over, especially during the “ Night of the Big Wind”(1839). The group would like to complete a ground survey of the area using “ground radar/magnetometer” type equipment to discover the extent of the previous archaeological features. This site “ Dunrioga” is as it says “Royal” it is the only “royal” site that we know of in Inishowen and as such deserves a place in our Coulture/ Heritage that has been neglected somewhat overlooked. Some location signs have appeared in the area naming it “Dun Ray Wee” (Speckled/) which is completely ficticious and misleading to people on the “Wild Atlantic Way” The Group hopes to rectify this “mistake” and give the “ Royal Headland” its proper place in History.

West Inishowen History & Heritage society with a Licenced archaeologist from local archaeological consultancy office will oversee the project with volunteers from the locality.  John J. Hegarty is  chairman of WIHHS and John  also holds a Masters in Arts in archaeology from QUB.

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