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The Cathedral Quarter, Letterkenny

1st Sep 2019
to 25th Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

Church Lane, Letterkenny

Church Lane
F92 VEY7

We plan to commission UV Arts to paint a Mural on the side of a building along the Church Lane in Letterkenny. Street Art creatively provides a cultural and historical representation and reference point within communities; as a emotive visual representation of the community itself as a valuable reference point for visitors to an area.
We plan to creatively enhance our Street Scape in Letterkenny through the commissioning of a mural which visually represents the local history and heritage of the Church Lane and Cathedral Quarter area, for the benefit of visitors to the area. Our concept for the Street Art comes from a previous project which we recommended that we market the area through the visual representation of a 'Stained Glass Window' as an artform on the street. This if was felt would visually represent the "Cathedral Quarter". We plan to commission UV Arts, recognised for their excellence in this specialist area, to undertake the specialist works. The artwork will be painted on the wall which is identified in Appendix 1 and will directly adjoin the existing mosaic. Together, these will prove exceptional visitors attractions. We have the consent of the property owner to adorn the side of their building with this piece. We believe that together the new mural and the existing mosaic, will rest well together on the existing site and will visually and creatively represent our culture and heritage in an imaginative way. Together these artforms will provide a reference point.

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