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1st Jan 2023
to 31st Dec 2023

Age Range

The Leitrim Basket Project ‘Teeming the Potatoes’

This project explores the historical context, techniques, materials, and the enduring cultural significance of basketmaking in the 1900’s with particular emphasis on the daily use of willow baskets for teeming (draining the water off) boiled potatoes throughout County Leitrim. The project focuses on the traditional ‘teeming’ basket from Leitrim, two of which are held at The National Museum of Ireland, Museum of Country Life. In this short film Rosa Meehan, Curator for the National Museum of Country Life, will tell us about the origins of this type of basket and the history of its use in Leitrim and the Northwest. Expert basket maker Helena Golden, The Willow Woman, will show us how to harvest material and how to make this beautiful basket step by step. As part of this project, Helena has also been collecting local knowledge associated with making and using these baskets in Leitrim and she will share the information and stories that she has gathered.One of the important elements of this project was talking to individuals who have first-hand experiences of using the ‘teeming basket’ in Leitrim, as their personal narratives have provided important insights into the historical context, cultural significance, and overall value of the project. The Leitrim Basket Project – Teeming the Potatoes Report by Helena Golden, presents these memories and information, along with the historical context for the basket, its significance and the materials, technique and instructions. 

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