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22nd Nov 2024

Age Range
9-12 , 13-15 and/or All ages

Marble City Music Festival,

Unit 11,
Abbey Lane,
R95 KP59

The Maestro and his Minions

 Patrick Rafter inspiring and mentoring the next generation of musical talent.

Get ready for an electrifying journey with world-renowned violinist Patrick Rafter! 

Workshops Galore: Patrick will work collaboratively to inspire young talents across Kilkenny’s local schools. 

Imagine sharing the limelight with professional musicians. Young performers, this is your moment! How inspiring and life changing the performances boast.

This year aims to be a Year of Enchantment: Brace yourselves for a series of mesmerizing concerts throughout the year. 

Private workshops with all children in their own relevant school. One large rehearsal with all participants including professionals that will accompany the children in the concert. 

Sign up for the children is through music generation Kilkenny, and audience is through attendance at the concert – tickets are available through the website. 

Stay tuned for dates, tickets, and the crescendo of a lifetime. Patrick Rafter and the young maestros await! Information will be advertised regularly on Social, media, newspapers, radio and road signs. 

Tickets are free and will be advertised closer to the event start dates.

Further information available on

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