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1st May 2024
to 30th Oct 2024

Age Range
All ages



The Nezlamni Ensemble

The Ensemble Незламні project is a joint collaboration between Westport Welcomes Ukraine and Ian Leslie, musician/Music therapist/ Guided Imagery and Music practitioner.

It is one of a number of music projects, created by a team of Music Therapists and Community Musicians, facilitated through an online network by Ian, for people from Ukraine living in Ireland. 

Singers and musicians from Ukraine, living in the Westport and surrounding area, were invited to form a music ensemble, providing an opportunity to compose and play music together and to perform live at various local events and arts festivals.  The response to the invitation was such, that a professional level ensemble, Ensemble Незламні (Unbreakable), was formed and we have been rehearsing and performing for the past year.

They will now record a series of pieces to be shared on local radio, and on YouTube.

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