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1st May 2023
to 31st Jul 2023

Age Range
All ages

Welcome to Mayo

Artist Tracy Murphy, founder of the Yellow Easel Studio, will embark on an inspiring initiative aimed at harnessing the power of art to provide a warm and nurturing environment for asylum seekers. Her innovative approach combines art and cultural exchange to foster understanding and support during a crucial period of transition.

Over the course of a 6-week workshop series, Tracy will guide participants through a creative journey that not only explores artistic expression but also serves as a bridge for cultural exchange. Through art, she will facilitate conversations about the local history and customs of the asylum seekers' new home, helping them acclimate to their new surroundings. Simultaneously, the workshops create a space where the participants can share their own experiences, stories, and rich cultural heritage from the places they've come from.

This unique project by Tracy Murphy and the Yellow Easel Studio embodies the idea that art can transcend language barriers and serve as a powerful tool for building connections, promoting empathy, and supporting individuals as they begin a new chapter in their lives. It's a testament to the transformative and unifying potential of the arts.

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