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Witnesses to the War of Independence

9th Sep 2019
to 18th Dec 2019

Age Range

Monaghan County Museum

The Hill

The project will involve schools in the community through  a series of workshops exploring the stories and the techniques behind creating films, in this case short films based on the War of Independence in Monaghan.

Monaghan County Museum will be using excerpts from it’s Monaghan War of Independence Files, which are a collection of over 500 typed pages of first hand accounts relating to the War of Independence in Monaghan, which were collected from veterans in the mid 1960’s.  

These excerpts will be creating into a number of scripts for six short films that will be produced using actors performing the stories detailed in them. We will be working with film company; Buckled Cranium to produce these short films which will bring to life some of the most exciting, explosive and challenging stories of the War of Independence in Monaghan based on the words of the people who lived through them. 

The film company will work with a number of schools and through interactive workshops, the students can explore the history of their local region during this important period in our recent history as well as learning about the processes that go into creating films, from script writing to camera work, directing and post production.

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