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Women's Community Project - Family Art

7th Sep 2020
to 27th Nov 2020

Age Range
All ages

The Project: This involves working remotely with families in the community facilitating them to express their creativity through designing masquerade-type masks capturing themes that are critical at this time. (For this project we define family as a single person, or several persons living in the same house, they may be related or not. i.e. a traditional family or blended family) 

How it came about: The project came about as a result of discussions about how family’s voices could be expressed both creatively and remotely at a time that is challenging for many. 

What it hopes to achieve: The aim is to involve 8 families in designing 16 masks that can be displayed in business premises/educational or cultural premises in Mullingar.

How it is organised: Families will be invited to take part in the project – no previous artistic experience will be required. Individual art kits that include masks, paints, glue, etc will be assembled and distributed/posted to each family. Each kit will have a theme e.g. hope, trust, strength, gratitude, freedom. Short online tutorials will be made available to support participants. Participants will be encouraged to return the masks for exhibition. 

Who is involved: Women’s Community Projects Mullingar, families associated with the WCP, artist Patricia Gallagher, drama therapist Una Egan.

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