Creating a Love of Music

St. Mary's Parish Primary School
Co. Louth
A92 XD80
Free Event
Outreach Project
Music/Spoken Word
Target Audience
Children/Young Adults

This project is designed to be inclusive for all children, including those with no previous music experience.

By using the wonderfully expressive Franck’s Violin Sonata as a base, the students learn to communicate their ideas, feelings, insights, and experiences of the music.

St. Mary’s Parish Primary School has identified a group of fourth-class students (27 max) who are set to participate in the programme. Over the course of the project, participants receive 6-8 workshops in their school, have the opportunity to attend classical music rehearsals as part of Drogheda Classical Music’s ongoing series, get the chance to meet and hear professional musicians perform in their school, work with professional creative artists to compose their own work, and attend a performance of Franck’s Violin Sonata by pianist Michael McHale and violinist Patrick Rafter.

The three main areas of concentrated learning will tie in with the primary school music curriculum aims of listening and responding, composing and performing. Working with professional musicians and artists, the pupils will create their own composition in response to Franck’s Violin Sonata.

The composition element enables children to work alone or in groups to explore sound, play with simple musical ideas, and experience the satisfaction of creating their own compositions. Pupils are encouraged to bring in any instrument they may have access to outside school; alternatively, they will be given use of the varied percussion instruments available.