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Cruinniu na nOg 2018 'Mr Everybody'. Photo Credit Clare Keogh


Creative Ireland 2019 budget

Minister Madigan announced investment to broaden the impact of the Creative Ireland Programme and achieve its mission; to promote the well-being of the individual, the community and the people of the country.

This investment of € 7.2m will be spent on the commitment to our cultural, creative and well-being initiative for 2019. Government belief in the cultural value and power of the arts, culture and creativity is reinforced as a means to make a meaningful change to everyone’s life.

Some of the specific results include:

  • Employ new people to the 31 Creative Ireland program Cultural Teams to deliver and implement their Culture and Creativity Strategies 2018-2022 .
  • Cruinniu na nOg – national day of creativity for our children and young people – expansion. Ireland is the only country in the world to have a full day dedicated to creative activities taking place in local communities across the country.
  • The network of Creative Schools, which currently has 150 schools, will be expanded. This is a flagship initiative of the Creative Ireland Programme led by the Arts Council in partnership with the Department of Education and Skills.
  • Activation and implementation of the 30 ambitious initiatives arising from the National Creativity Fund . They include a number of cutting-edge research projects, in areas such as creativity and mental health , working with teaching hospitals, creative hospice and end-of-life care units. It is hoped that these initiatives will inform government policies and contribute to the well-being of all people regardless of our future life circumstances.

Tania Banotti, Director of Creative Ireland, said:

“We want to encourage the great creative forces already in our society through the Creative Ireland program. This program is an ambitious statement: to strengthen our communities, to leave a rich cultural heritage for our children, and to bring the joy of creating and making things into the lives of all. ”

Speaking at the announcement, Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan TD, said:

“This unique initiative goes from strength to strength… The investment in the culture teams in 31 Local Authorities has facilitated greater partnership at local level. Different communities are enabled to implement great and meaningful change through creativity.

Thousands of children and young people will benefit from the tremendous power of creative thinking both inside and outside our primary and post-primary schools through the innovative ‘Creative Youth’ initiative.

We will pioneer innovative and exciting initiatives through our National Multilingual Fund which create new routes for us as we move to a creative society in all its forms.”


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