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Reimagine Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) Launch


How the Reimagine Project unlocks the potential of villages and towns

Local communities around Ireland are getting involved in a new creative place-making project to unlock the potential of their local towns and villages. Who knows more about a town than the people who live there?

At the beginning of 2019, the Irish Architecture Foundation called out to communities inviting them to be part of a community led architecture and design project to improve their local areas. Following a series of workshops with local residents and community groups, six towns across Ireland were chosen to participate in the Reimagine…programme. An amalgamation of county councils, architects, urban designers, planners and local community members came together and worked tirelessly to initiate design and architecture projects that were bespoke to their respective areas.

From the repurposing of disused buildings to a revamped town square, the Reimagine… programme works towards developing long-term plans and visions for towns and villages across Ireland. As one of the Creative Ireland Programme’s 30 National Creativity fund initiatives, the purpose of the project is to empower local residents to contribute to positive change in their local areas and to promote cross-sectoral collaboration across a variety of industries.

The Reimagine… project is currently working on six different projects that are focused on utilising local spaces and areas;

  • Tallaght, Co. Dublin: ‘Melt the Walls’ will focus on enhancing Chamber Square for the local residents with a temporary installation, connecting it with the surrounding cultural buildings
  • Kilrush, Co. Clare: the aim of this project is to develop a long-term plan and vision for the town which will have maximum benefit for the local residents and businesses;
  • Mohill, Co. Leitrim: this project involves working with the community redeveloping a disused building as low-cost accommodation for people engaged in sports in the area;
  • Loughrea, Co. Galway: this project will see the creation of an architectural structure along ‘The Walks’ in Loughrea;
  • Kells, CoMeath: This project will explore how empty buildings in the town can be repurposed for the use of the community; and
  • Letterkenny, Co. Donegal: the aim of this project is to develop a pedestrian  ‘cultural corridor’ to better link the existing cultural buildings in Letterkenny town.

A number of community engagement events will be taking place in each of the towns over the coming months. Want to get involved? Follow the link for more information: Architecture Foundation

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