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Cruinniu na nOg 2018 'Mr Everybody'. Photo Credit Clare Keogh

What Creative Ireland Does

We support the mainstreaming of culture and creativity in our lives, our communities and our society.

One of the great advantages of Creative Ireland is that we are required to be imaginative in what we do, to embody what we espouse. That means we encourage ourselves and others to think differently, to try things out, to be innovative, to be solutions-focused. Quite simply, we enjoy and value being creative and enabling others to be so too.

  • We work across government and civil society to promote understanding of the value and importance of creativity and wellbeing.
  • We draw on existing policy initiatives and develop new ones to ensure real and lasting impact on the lives of people and communities.
  • We develop strategic partnerships and networks across local and national government.
  • We support industry and sectoral partners to develop new initiatives and support innovation in creativity, wellbeing and the creative industries.
  • We collaborate across sectors to inspire new ways of thinking about creativity and wellbeing.
  • We commission research and provide analysis and insights on the value and impact of culture and creativity to support and inform public policy.

Creative Youth Plan | Investing in the Future

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