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Traveller Wellbeing 2022 Recap: Through Our Eyes - Martin Beanz Warde

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Traveller Wellbeing 2022 Recap: Through Our Eyes - Martin Beanz Warde

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Traveller Wellbeing 2022 Recap: Through Our Eyes - Martin Beanz Warde

An exhibition of selected photographs of members of the Traveller community by Martin Beanz Warde opened at the Photo Museum Ireland on 3rd November 2022.

What is an Irish Traveller? As I have learned over the past few months, there are many Traveller experiences that do not fit within the stereotypes and generalisations with which we have become familiar. As a gay writer and performer from the Traveller community, I understand the struggle inherent in expressing yourself while appeasing the traditionalists within your community.

For the Through Our Eyes photography project I partnered with Photo Museum Ireland and Open Doors Initiative, which aims to facilitate expression through an artistic lens. The participants – Winnie Ward, Patrick McDonagh, Chantelle Stokes, Emma Ward, Timmy Casey, Thomas Connors, Martin Ward, Helena Power, and Emily Evans – come from all over Ireland, aged from 19 to 36 years old.

The plan for the project was simple. I met each participant to photograph them, and then they would be tasked with taking a picture themselves, allowing us an insight into their perspective on a range of topics I had assigned to them, including “hopes and dreams”, “happiness”, “freedom”, and “security”. With help from the Open Doors initiative, and an online workshop by photographer Brendan Ó Sé, we were tooled up with knowledge, and ready to go.

Through this project, I got to meet Travellers from all over Ireland chasing dreams that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. I have learned of the intelligence, resilience, and drive that exists within the community and I have had the pleasure of giving a platform to people whose voices are rarely heard.

You can view the portraits from this project here.

Traveller Wellbeing through Creativity 2023 is now open for applications. Click here for more information.


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