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Creative Youth – for our

Creative Youth – for our teachers

Developing new and innovative ways to harness creativity within our schools is a key aim of the Creative Youth Plan – and supporting our teaching professionals is a key element of this strategy. Building a critical mass of educators equipped with the skills and techniques for delivering programmes is crucial to the long-term success and sustainability of the Creative Youth.

To this end the Creative Youth Plan supports teachers through programmes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout the education sector:

Early Years: The Department of Children and Youth Affairs will support the development and rollout of CPD for practitioners in arts education for young children in early years settings.

Primary: The Teacher/Artist Partnership (TAP) supports and enhances Arts Education through which artists work in partnership with teachers.

Post-Primary: Arts-in-Junior Cycle consists of a series of professional development experiences for teachers to support engagement with the arts and learning in junior cycle – providing teachers with practical and creative methodologies to engage with learning outcomes in their classroom.


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