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4th Nov 2022
to 30th Nov 2022

Age Range
All ages

1922: A Dialogue through Poetry and Music

1922: A Dialogue through Poetry and Music will be a collaboration between 3 Poets and Musicians who will be commissioned to create new poetry and musical works on the theme of 1922. These Poets and Composers/Musicians, representing the various districts in Galway City  will collaborate and participate in this innovative project to create new poetry and musical work with emphasis on a cultural and social Ireland of the period…Sport, Creative Thinkers, Art, Fashion, Entertainment, Communication…Emigration

Their combination of words and music will lead us past the hard politics of the era to reflect more on a social, cultural and creative Ireland and, in doing so, combine the the past with the present and the local with the national.   The overlaps are unmistakable: sound and rhythm combined in the expression and exploration of emotion. It is a combination of art forms that cannot be overlooked in Irish traditions. From the bards who travelled early Ireland's roads setting words to harp accompaniments to collaborations that attempt to move the listener beyond words into pure melody, poetry and music are in near constant dialogue.” Poetry Ireland

Framed pictures of the poems will be put up in 3 City Libraries.

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