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4th Oct 2021
to 7th Oct 2021

Age Range

20 years of Learning Together to Live Together

20 years of "Learning together to live together" is a collaboration between Waterford Educate Togethers National School and the iconic Waterford Walls.

Next year sees the 20 year anniversary of the establishment of the school. The WETNS community felt that this was an important occasion that needed to be celebrated with an artistic group and project that reflected their ethos. An ethos of "learning together to live together" where diversity and cultural difference is explored and honored.

The children in WETNS will work with Waterford Walls to design a fitting art piece highlighting the origins of the school and it's development into a central school in the Waterford community in the last 20 years. Art is a medium very close to our expressive hearts in WETNS and we cannot think of a better collaboration than with Waterford walls to help us achieve our message.

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