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2Km, 3 Locations Art Project with Collective Producers

Collective Producers project is designed to invite young people aged 14-19 to develop skills in Arts and Culture which connect them to their place and community.The intention is to develop a wider understanding of visual culture through a variety of skills, such as design, photography, graphic design, print, drawing, and 3D-modelling.The aim is to empower young people to develop skills and gain experience in visual arts, culture, and new creative ideas.This project involves guidance and hands-on practical experience for young people from regional schools through online supporting platforms such as Instagram,The Dock website.The group stands to gain skills in the curatorial and technical aspects needed for exhibition making and hosting events such as Young Exhibitor; Nature Nurture Exhibition offering them the opportunity to create their own work with artists.Through this project, they will become ambassadors for the Arts in their school, County and online to a large audience.The project is led by artists David Smith, Anna Leask, Wayne O Connor and Laura Mahon,Visual Arts & Education manager at The Dock.Open workshops/ projects/ tasks will be posted on The Docks online platforms for young people to take part in.They involve the investigation of our 2km ratios for exercise home settings and how we engage together at this time.The response from the public will drive the development of the project and what areas, subject and interests will be created. 

Please note that the details of events listed above are provided by the relevant Local Authorities.

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