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1st Jun 2023
to 30th Sep 2023

Age Range
All ages

550 Donegal Town Anniversary Pop-up Exhibition_ Donegal Railway Heritage

Donegal town that the County takes its name from, has a fantastic history to it, and is one that needs to be told, to locals and to visitors. This is particularly of importance as the town approaches its 550th Anniversary in 2024.

Donegal town itself does not have a central place where this unique story can be told. There are bits and pieces of the story told at various locations, however, there really should be somewhere centrally where people can go to learn about it, and more interestingly, come across it in unusual settings, particularly as we approach an important anniversary.

The Railway Museum will create a mobile exhibition which gathers this information, and using artefacts, display units, pop-ups and other tools, we can tell our story. We will also produce a flier which will have interesting facts about Donegal Town, as well as a map of the Town itself. This exhibition will run not only in the museum itself, but that it would be taken out and about to community groups, schools, retail outlet, etc., where we can directly inform and educate all, on the history of this important town. The exhibition would continue to be used, well past the Anniversary year.

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