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A Digital Tribute to Computer Pioneer: Kay McNulty

1st Jul 2019
to 25th Oct 2019

Age Range
All ages

Creeslough, Letterkenny

F92 XY76

The story of Kay McNulty: Ms McNulty was a pioneering computer engineer who was among a team of just six people to programme the first modern computer in the 1940's. We wish to shine a light on the journey of this talented woman from who was a pioneer in her field of science and computer engineering. We will collaborate with local historians and culture specialists to conduct research and gather archive material during July/Aug 2019. Using archive material including film, print, graphics and photography as well as indepth research to create a digital motion design tribute to Creeslough born Kay McNulty (12 Feb. 1926 - 20 April 2006) - we will collaborate with our local schools and community, to help inform how computers have shaped our lives and get their views on how someone born locally, who may not get the full credit she deserves, has had such a significant impact globally and beyond.

The project will be a visually led narrative of the key points of her life and the impact her work has had, told in a fun, lively, way and in formats suitable for all online platforms that can be shared with everyone. By highlighting her rich legacy, it will help encourage local school children and people of all ages on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The project will be delivered and fully completed  by Friday 25 October.

We will have an online launch and public screening by mid October.


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