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30th Jan 2021
to 23rd Jun 2021

Age Range
All ages

A Fair in the Air - the Fair at Spancilhill

This work is based around the photographic work made by Christy McNamara on the Fair of Spancilhill. Christy has created a virtual event to celebrate the fair combining photographs he has made at the fair spanning three decades along with a recorded soundscape weaved together into a 30 minute film to be screened on Vimeo.

The film is a way of bringing people together (physically apart) - connecting the local to their own heritage tradition and ritual, a job that the fair has always done over the centuries. It is also a way of  celebrating the memories of times past through the photographs, evoking memories of fairs  gone by and will be a way of connecting with a wider audience who will be able to access “ A Fair in The Air  “ in the comfort of their own homes and in other places and settings, and beamed around the world - connecting people - a coming together.

The fair is held on June 23rd except when the 23rd falls on a Sunday when the fair is carried over to the 24th; it marks the turning of the year after the summer solstice. The fair takes place in a field in Spancilhill  in County Clare as it has been for centuries.

The film will be premiered on the day of the fair on 23 June 2021 and can be viewed here.

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