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A Food History of the Mayo Islands

1st Sep 2020
to 1st Dec 2020

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The way we cook and the way we eat has changed radically in modern Ireland. Nowhere is this more true than on our offshore islands. The Mayo islands have developd their own distinct culture and traditions but very little has been written about their food culture.

Before the Famine, 47 of the Mayo islands were inhabited. Today only 14 are. Each of these have their own distinct foods, recipes and ingredients based on their environment and their traditions. They also have their own superstitions and pisreogs.  

These will be explored in a landmark study by Aine Maguire (an expert on Irish food and culinary heritage) who will interview inhabitants from the Mayo islands and research their relationship with food down through the centuries. It is hoped that the research will result in a revival of some of the native island food traditions.

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