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1st Apr 2024
to 10th Oct 2024

Age Range
All ages

Boyle Bike shop and other commercial units

F52 VR83

A Kind Word

Visual artist Catherine Fanning embarks on a project making original artwork, written and visual that is inspired by plants that are good for mental health. 

Studies show that all plants provide mental health benefits. Constantly seeing and being around plants help us feel more calm and relaxed, thus decreasing levels of anxiety. The natural world is a dominant source of inspiration. Catherine’s creative process develops through experimenting with collage, print, and drawing with a range of materials.

Connecting into the Boyle community, linking in with commercial units in the town Catherine will create a display project box, Individuals will be invited to take a project inspired print artwork. In exchange for taking an artwork the recipient has to share with a stranger a kind word and a smile.

Anecdotal evidence has shown in some circumstances when a person is at their lowest it is a kind word or short conversation from a strange that is the trigger, to more positive thoughts on a dark day.

It is also proposed that interactive element of the project to take place on Oct 10th, linking in with the World Mental Health Day. A day that increases public awareness around the importance of mental health, mental health services, and mental health worldwide.

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