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1st Jul 2024
to 20th Oct 2024

Age Range
All ages

WCQ Place

16 O'Connell Street
Waterford City

A Slice of Culture

"A Slice of Culture" is an immersive multicultural festival scheduled for September, featuring collaborative workshops preceding the event. These workshops aim to unite local migrant communities in crafting a collective piece of art representative of their diverse cultural backgrounds. Participants will engage in artistic expression, sharing stories, traditions, and artistic techniques unique to their heritage. The resulting artwork will serve as a vibrant reflection of Waterford's rich cultural tapestry.

During and after the festival, the artwork will be prominently displayed at various locations throughout Waterford, serving as a visual celebration of diversity and inclusion. Attendees will have the opportunity to admire the artwork and learn about the cultural significance behind each element. Through this project, we aim to foster cross-cultural understanding, promote community cohesion, and celebrate the contributions of migrant communities to the cultural fabric of Waterford. "A Slice of Culture" promises to be a transformative and unifying experience for participants and attendees alike, embodying the spirit of multiculturalism and artistic expression.

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