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2nd Apr 2022
to 28th Sep 2022

Age Range
All ages

A snapshot – Athlone Canal’s Heritage

To celebrate the World Canal Conference in Athlone 2018 we created & installed 4 information boards at points along the 2.1 km canal banks of the Athlone Canal built in 1757.

Athlone Canal Heritage Committee plan to augment these by creating additional boards that will display poetry that is specific to Athlone Canal. 4 pieces of poetry penned by locals, three of which are by local artists.  

The second part of this project “ Modes of Canal Transport” involves the creation of prints of three modes of transport viz. A Shannon Cot, A Horse drawn Barge and A Steam Barge.

It is planned to install them on a concrete wall adjacent to an abandoned shed. The prints will be seen by walkers using the opposite bank walkway as there is no access to the public on the far bank where the prints will be in situ.

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